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Regular price €17,75
Portable antennas for increasing wifi signal strength in remote locations

  • 3G / 4G LTE External Antenna
  • Stabilises the speed and signal strength
  • Helps extend your signal and transfer speeds
  • Portable & easy to carry

Make your WiFi signal stronger on the go with Boostercandy portable antennas. Perfect for rural or remote adventures. Your easy solution for a better WiFi signal on the move.


Insert the two antenna cords into the slots of the portable wifi by removing the flap on the side of the wifi device. That's all!

Now allow the antennas to pick on the cellular coverage.

Make sure to place the portable wifi near a window to reduce signal friction.

This add-on works only with portable wifi devices.

Please make sure you return it at the end of your portable wifi rental using the prepaid return mailing envelope provided.

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