Your passport to seamless connectivity

Get connected instantly wherever you travel

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High 5G & 4G Data Speeds

Enjoy fast seamless connectivity when navigating online wherever you travel

Instant Activation

Receive your eSIM QR code instantly via email and activate within seconds

Multi-Networking Coverage

eSIM supports multi-network coverage, providing you with reliable connectivity on the go


Switch carriers easily without any limitation such as swapping SIM cards when visiting multiple countries

Affordable Pricing

Cheaper than international roaming plans or buying local SIM cards for short-term use


Our eSIM enables tethering, which you can connect multiple devices at once

Check eSIM Compatability

Before you purchase an eSIM, please dial *#06# into your smartphone (android or iOS). If you get an EID number, then your phone is eSIM compatible.

Why Purchasing eSIM

100% Digital Experience

Connect in seconds

Instant connectivity from the day of your departure, all done from the comfort of your smartphone

Affordable Pricing & Flexible Validity

No more hidden fees or roaming charges, with eSIM you have the peace of mind of paying only for the data plan you need

Local network quality

With the eSIM technology you get to experience the best local network connectivity due to the multi-network capability

Sustainable consumption

eSIM is a sustainable and environmental friendly alternative to staying connected when traveling, eliminating the need to produce, package, or distribute physical SIM cards