Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of renting a WiFicandy?
Renting your own WiFicandy you will have the peace of mind of not using your own data plan while enjoying the convenience of staying connected at all times throughout your travel in Ireland. Our wifi plans come with unlimited data and enables you to connect multiple devices at once.
What is included in the WiFicandy parcel?

When ordering a WiFicandy, you will receive:

  • The WiFicandy device
  • USB charging cable
  • Instructions card
  • Return prepaid envelope
  • Candies
When does the WiFicandy service commence?
The service commences on the date that you select as the delivery date. So the delivery date is the date you receive the product and it counts as day 1.
How early can I book a WiFicandy?
The sooner you book the easiest for us to ensure taht the product is available for the date required. We suggest to book minimum 3 days prior your arrival.
Do you have a coverage map?

Yes, you can check our network provider coverage map here.

Please use your address or postcode/eircode in the search bar to see the exact signal strength in the location you are going to use the WiFicandy.

Can I make a booking with same day delivery?

We don't facilitate same day delivery outside Dublin yet.

However if you are located within Dublin city center and if we have stock available we may be able to deliver within the same day at an extra cost.
We would recommend emailing us to find if there is availability.

Is WiFicandy really offering unlimited data? Or is there a data cap?
All our rental plans offer unlimited data within the Republic of Ireland. There are no data caps.
Can I use WiFicandy for streaming movies or video meetings?

Yes you can use it for streaming movies, podcasts, video calls, or google maps navigation.

The quality will depend on the network coverage, you can check here.
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