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eSIM General FAQs
What is an eSIM?

eSIM card or Embedded Subscriber Identity Module is an invisible SIM card unlike the traditional physical SIM cards. It is present inside the chipset of the latest smartphone models. It is completely digital solution to connect to the internet. 

You can use eSIM for travel as your internet partner while traveling overseas.

How does an eSIM work?

eSIM for travel is a digital SIM card, that you can install on your phone, like you install any app. 

However, not every phone supports eSIM, only the latest models of some Smartphone Manufacturers. Please do check whether your device is eSIM compatible before purchasing any eSIM plans. 

What is the difference between WiFicandy portable WiFi and eSIM by WiFicandy?

There are significant differences between both the product offerings

1. Portable WiFi works with all the devices that have WiFi enabled, whereas eSIM only works with eSIM compatible devices. 

2. Portable WiFi offers unlimited high speed data, whereas, eSIM offers flexible data plans as per your needs. 

3. With Portable WiFi, you can share unlimited high speed data with up to 8 devices simultaneously, whereas with eSIM, you can share your limited data via tethering, but it is ideal for individual use. 

4. Portable WiFi is a physical product, you need to collect it from the Airport or it can be delivered to your Hotel/BnB/residence, etc, whereas eSIM is a digital product, you get it immediately on email. 

5. Portable WiFi offers instant setup, you will get the WiFi ID and password on the screen of the portable hotspot device without a need for active data connection, whereas, for eSIM you need an active data/WiFi connection in order to install/activate the eSIM on your eSIM compatible smartphones/Tablet/Laptops.

6. Portable WiFi is a separate device and comes with a lasting battery of itself (3000 mAh) at least 8-10 hour backup, whereas, eSIM cosnumes battery from your primary smart device and reduces the life quicker compared to portable WiFi. 

7. You need to charge a portable WiFi separately (USB cable is provided), whereas, you don't need to charge an additional device  for eSIM.

8. Lastly, portable WiFi is a rental service, you need to return the device back ( after use and eSIM is a product which you can delete after usage duration. 

Are there any hidden fees in your eSIM plans?

The eSIM plans are straightforward. 

You need to pay the displayed price + VAT (% of VAT differes for EU based customers) and that's all. 

*For non-EU customers there will be no extra Tax

Can I use physical SIM and eSIM both?
Yes you can if your smartphone supports dual sim. Most dual sim smartphones support physical SIM and eSIM. However make sure you turn off Data Roaming prior your trip on your physical sim to reduce the risk of being charged when abroad. *The way dual SIM works may vary from different devices.
How to check if my phone is unlocked for eSIM?

On your smartphone go to Settings > General > About. 

Scroll down to view the Carrier Lock section. If your device is unlocked, it will show "No SIM restrictions" 

If your device is unlocked, it means it can connect to the network of any carrier.

For example, if you bought your phone on contract or from telecom service provider like Telstra or Optus or AT&T, it is likely that your phone is locked and our eSIM will not work in your phone.

If you purchased your device directly from retailers like Best Buy, JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman, Amazon, etc it is most likely unlocked and you will be able to use our eSIMs on your phones. 

If you're unsure, the best way to find out is to call your telecom network provider and ask them.  They should be able to unlock it for you and then you can use our eSIM.

I deleted my eSIM by accident, what should I do?

Please DO NOT delete your eSIM when you haven't used up your data or exhausted the validity.


1. If you accidentally delete your eSIM before activation/installation, please contact for further assistance.

2. If you accidentally delete your eSIM after your activation, you will have to purchase a new eSIM.

Is hotspot sharing available after the eSIM is activated?
Yes, hotspot sharing is available once the eSIM is activated. However be mindful that the data will be shared with the other user.
When should I delete an eSIM from my phone?
Kindly delete the eSIM only after you're sure that you don't need it again.
Once an eSIM is removed, deleted or uninstalled it cannot be recovered back. 
What benefits does an eSIM offer in travel?
eSIMs provide hassle-free international roaming, cost-effective data plans, and the convenience of staying connected without changing physical SIM cards when traveling.
How can I choose the right eSIM plan for my travel needs?
Explore our range of plans tailored for different data requirements and durations. Select a plan that aligns with your travel destinations and usage preferences. 
Can I customize my eSIM plan based on specific countries I'll be visiting?

Absolutely! Our plans are flexible, allowing you to customize based on your travel itinerary and specific data needs in each country.

If you're traveling to a single country, you can choose a country specific plan but if you're traveling to multiple countries in a specific region, say Europe, Asia, Africa, then you can choose a regional plan. Also, if you are going on a longer trip, you can also choose a Global plan so that you're covered across countries. 

Please do check which countries are covered in regional and global plans. 

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