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  • Do you provide delivery or pick up/drop off service at the airport?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have the ability to deliver or pickup at any of the airports in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. We are working to offer this service in the near future.

  • When does the WiFicandy service commence?

The service commences from the day you receive the product. So please select the delivery date when you want to start using the service.

  • Do you deliver on weekends?

There are no weekend deliveries in Ireland. However if you should place your order for delivery on a Friday so the product could be delivered prior to your arrival and this way you can use it on the weekend when expected.

  • Does the delivery cost of €15 cover the return cost?

Yes it does.

  • How do I return the WiFicandy device?

    When you receive the order you automatically receive a return prepaid envelop with the return address. You only need to place the WiFicandy in the return envelop and then drop it to any An Post Office or Box within Ireland.

    If you are staying in a hotel you can ask the front desk to post it back for you but please check that it has been sent back, the responsibility is still yours.

    • How much is the Insurance. Is it optional?

    The insurance is €15.00 and is optional.

    • What is the Insurance for?

    The insurance secures the product in case is lost or it got damaged.

    • Is the Insurance refundable?

    No, the insurance is non-refundable.

    • Do you hold a security deposit?

    Yes we do. For customers who don't opt for the Insurance we are freezing a deposit of €80 on the card, until we receive the product back. This is released once the product is returned.

    • What does it come with the WiFicandy device?

    Each order placed comes with the device, the USB cable, instructions card, the return prepaid envelope and a sweet surprise!

    • What happens if I lost the device or it has been stolen?

      For the customers who opted for the Insurance, the product is covered by the insurance itself. However for those who didn't opt in, we have no other option but to keep the security deposit.

      • How can I find An Post office or drop off box?

        To find the nearest An Post office to your location please check here.

        • What happens if I forget to return the WiFicandy from Ireland?

          International returns will then be covered by you at extra costs. Usually the costs are much higher, depending on location.

          • Does the WiFicandy work in Northern Ireland?

          Yes it does but under a certain limit. Our service offers unlimited data anywhere within the Republic of Ireland. If you travel to Northern Ireland you can only use up to 6 GB of data, which should be enough for a couple of days spent up there, if the number of devices connected are reduced to a minimum. 

          **Northern Ireland is part of United Kingdom.

          • Can you rent WiFicandy for more than 1 month?

            Yes we can rent it out for longer time, please contact us about it.

            • Is WiFicandy suitable for large groups?

              Yes, our WiFicandy Biz can connect up to 32 devices at once. This would be suitable for small businesses, conducting group meetings and organising outdoor events or activities.

              • What card payments do you receive?

                We receive all Visa, Debit, Mastercard, American Express, Discover payments and also Paypal.


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