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  • How to install/Activate eSIM?
    • I am unable to activate my eSIM.
      • 1. Make sure your device is eSIM unlocked. eSIM is not available for any locked device and contracted device. Please contact your carrier for more information of unlocking your device.

        2. Please verify whether your device is eSIM compatible, do not purchase an eSIM if your device is not eSIM compatible, as refunds cannot be made once we deliver the eSIM and your device is not compatible. 

        3. Please contact us at hello@wificandy.ie if your phone is an unlocked device.

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  • Esim Questions
    • How do I set eSIM up on my device?
      • Easy Peasy!

        After receiving your eSIM details by email, go to Settings > Cellular/Mobile > Add eSIM/Cellular Plan on your device.

        Enter or scan the eSIM information, enable data roaming, then restart your device. That's it!

        For more detailed instructions, check out the device-specific steps in your eSIM email.