Your 2024 Guide to Roaming in Ireland as an AT&T Customer

Roaming abroad with your smartphone can be a jarring experience - plagued by a seemingly endless web of fees, limits and asterisks. If you’re on the adventure of a lifetime or simply working away from home, the last thing that you want to worry about is how to stay connected.

In this article, we’ll help to make the roaming experience a little less daunting for AT&T customers travelling to Ireland by presenting the carrier’s offerings and a suitable alternative. 

Firstly, it is important to note that, in 2024, while roaming fees have been abolished within the European Union (EU), this only applies to the customers of mobile operators in member states. Americans, unfortunately, continue to be treated as international roamers in the EU.

While roaming, AT&T customers can avail of a multitude of destination-specific passes and so-called passports. However, these will only function if applied to your account. In their absence, you will be charged “pay-per-use rates”. 

The standardised rates are based on the volume of calls, texts and data used while roaming. As you could guess, they have historically been the root cause of bill-shock. Every image that you send and receive, every Google search, and even your smartphone’s background activity, will be charged.

Each byte of data will cost $2.05, while a minute of calling and an SMS message will cost $2.00 and $0.50 respectively. At these rates, streaming a single song could cost you more than $8.00.

For most customers, AT&T’s International Day Pass represents better value than the standard rates. In effect, a $10.00 per-device daily fee enables you to bring your post-paid plan with you while roaming. Enjoy unlimited calls, texts and your domestic data allowance.

Europe/Ireland AT&T Passport Plans

Longer-term visits to Europe, meanwhile, can be facilitated by the addition of an AT&T Passport to your account. These monthly renewable add-ons come in two flavours: 2GB for $70 and 6GB for $140.



If this exasperating list of add-ons and fees has spooked you from using your smartphone while roaming in Ireland, fear not. With WiFicandy, you can effortlessly enjoy an unlimited 4G LTE connection on our pocket-sized WiFi router.

It’s so sweet and simple that you can forget about limits, contracts and insecure public WiFi while roaming. Just choose from one of three rental plans - 3 days (from €39.65), 1 week (from €69.75) and 2 weeks (from €98.95) - and we’ll handle everything else.

 Based on streaming a four-minute song at “normal quality” (1.20MB per minute).

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