How to write WiFi login details to NFC tag

We came up with a fun and convenient way to get your guests connected to your home wifi within seconds...with a single TAP!

The NFC technology has been around for quiet a while.

What is NFC?

NFC stands for Near Field Communication and it allows your smart phone to communicate with another smart device by tapping to each other.

One popular example is when paying at Starbucks with our smartphone instead of cash. Even the bank cards have NFC in them, allowing us to tap to the paying machine when making a purchase.

Similar to paying, the NFC can do many other things but for us the most awesome feature is the feature of connecting to the wifi.

We've all been in situations when visiting relatives or friends to ask for wifi login details. Most of the time the host doesn't even know the password and you end up going to take a picture of the back of the router and then type in the long 20 digit password. 

With the NFC you no longer need to do that, you simply enable the NFC feature into your phone and TAP it....then magic happens!


Here are some detailed instructions how to write the NFC tag with your WiFi login details:

Click here

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