Unlimited Internet with Your Portable When in Ireland

Ireland's tourism is thriving

Ireland is a thriving travel destination reaching international arrival records year after year. With new open routes operating direct flights to North of America and Asia and also the increasing number of hotels being built, it looks like Ireland is getting ready to welcome even more visitors to explore the beautiful Emerald Isle for the years to come.

Ireland is an European gem, known for its green scenery, rich history, delicious food and its friendly people. No matter the time of the year Ireland is an ideal destination to visit with friends or family.

Connectivity is a necessity 

If you are a travel enthusiast who loves to share your travel experience in real time with friends or family back home, then you would need to stay connected to a wifi hotspot most of times. Ireland has pretty good connectivity across its main cities as most of the hotels and restaurants offer free wifi.

But for the past few years we’ve seen a more popular option that many tourists opt when travelling and that is renting a pocket wifi. The beauty of renting a pocket wifi is that you can stay connected at your own convenience throughout the duration of your holidays both indoors and outdoors.

WiFicandy is Ireland’s leading wifi rental provider which offers unlimited connectivity across the Republic of Ireland.


By renting a WiFicandy you can avail of many benefits such as:

  • Eliminating the worry of roaming bill shock
  • Reducing the frustrations of slow and unsecure public hotspots
  • Getting unlimited internet access at your own convenience
  • Connecting up to 10 users at once
  • Exploring Ireland while connected at all times, the battery can last up to 12 hours


To check on what customers think about WiFicandy have a look on their reviews:

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