WiFicandy and AVO App Partnership: Everything Unlimited

ZERO roaming!

Forget about roaming charges for good! Not only you can browse online, use Google maps, post on social media and watch Netflix at your own convenience when connected to WiFicandy but now you can additionally make unlimited international phone calls, through a genius mobile application called AVO!

What is AVO

AVO is both iOS and Android application, which once downloaded you can make and receive international phone calls while connected to a WiFi network provider such as WiFicandy.

What sets AVO apart from the likes of WhatsApp, Skype or other In-App calls, is that AVO enables you to use your home mobile number avoiding any roaming charges altogether. So you can call any number no matter what network operator they are!

When you make a phone call through AVO the receiver will see the incoming call just as they have you saved on their contact list, so it will appear as a normal phone call.

Also for this to work actually the other person doesn't require to have the AVO app downloaded in order to receive your calls, it is so simple!


Why did we partner with AVO

It was no brainer why we shouldn't! From the moment we read their product description and after testing their application we simply loved it! Actually our first chat with their CEO, which lasted for almost one hour, it was through the AVO app!

For us this was the missing puzzle from offering the whole Unlimited Connectivity Experience to our customers. Our WiFicandy connectivity goes hand in hand with the AVO offering, thus together providing a FREE ROAMING solution to the travel community.

It is a perfect fit fulfilling our motto by which we stand: Traveling is sweeter when connected.

How does it work

It is super easy:

1. Make sure you are connected to your private wifi network (before traveling) or you are connected to WiFicandy (once landed at the destination)
2. Visit AVO website
3. Select the plan you desire. Make sure to use the phone number that you will use for the mobile phone which you will download the app on
4. Download the AVO app. After payment, you will receive an email with the link to download the app.
5. Register & Setup. Register in the app with your mobile number and set up call forwarding.
6. You are ready to make and receive unlimited international or local calls!