2019 Highlights

2019 has been our first full year January to December. It was a great year full of learnings, achievements and hard work.

Below we listed some key achievements that made us proud:

1. Customers from 23 countries

In 2019 we welcomed customers from 23 different countries around the world, from United States, Canada and Australia to Japan and Iceland to name a few.

This is really cool, it just shows that Ireland is a must go destination and that no matter where you are from wifi connectivity is a necessity and part of our modern lifestyle.


2. Over 100 of awesome reviews and feedback

Customer satisfaction is embedded in our bones. Our whole purpose here at WiFicandy is to make our customers happy and satisfied with our product and their travel experience here in Ireland. We believe that our product is more than just a portable hotspot but a tool that enables you to experience your time in Ireland more enjoyable and with piece of mind.

We would like to thank our lovely customers for being so engaging with us and always giving us ideas how to keep improving.


3. Business All-Stars Accreditation

In October 2019 we have been accredited with the Business All-Stars award. The All-Ireland business foundation is an independent body which evaluates companies on three main criteria: customer centricity, trust and performance.

It has been a diligent process but yet a very rewarding one. Again, we would like to thank to all of our customers and business partners who have been involved and helped us achieving this!


4. Launched Internationally

Our ambition is big, we want to extend our line of service to all outbound visitors travelling abroad. Since September we started trialing new countries in Europe and the US so last December we went full on with our sister company www.pocketwifi.ie

This new branch is for Irish visitors traveling outside Ireland, thus the product offering is slightly different but same level of quality and customer service.

So if you have any Irish relatives planning to visit you please give them a shout and hand them this coupon code IrishLuck for extra love.