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Unlimited Calls on any network within Ireland + up to 150 International mins

*When renting the Callcandy together with the WiFicandy, please make sure both rentals match! (Select the dropdown arrow to see all rental plans)

The Callcandy is ideal for making calls locally when booking hotels, restaurants or activities. You can call any network within Ireland and enjoy unlimited minutes. 

If you have an important International call to make, or simply want to touch base with your folks back home you can select the Add-On International Minutes option:

  • If you rent for min 1 week you avail of 100 international minutes 
  • If you rent for min 2 weeks you avail of 150 international minutes 

The local and international minutes can be used to any landline or mobile number.

The international minutes can only be used for the following countries: Poland, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Romania, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and India.

* Please use the country code that you are calling followed by the phone number before dialing i.e. 001 + land phone/mobile number

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Phone Features:

The phone battery boasts 12.5 hours of talk time and up to 35 days standby time

Size: 1.77 inch / 4.50 cm

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*1 Week Rental Plan/Add-On 100 International Mins= 1 hour and 40 mins talk time

*2 Weeks Rental Plan/Add-On 150 International Mins= 2 hour and 30 mins talk time