Safety Rules When Renting MI PRO eScooter

Dublin has a wide spread of places to be explored and so many hidden gems yet to be discovered! And riding the eScooter, while connected to your own hotspot, is a fun and great way of enjoying your Dublin experience.

We want all our customers to make the most of their time in the city and we want you to stay safe and sound, so here we put a few things together so you can read it on your flight to Ireland or when sipping your coffee at the hotel/restaurant.


1. Use Caution At All Timessafety rules

Once on the road always be aware of surrounding traffic. 

Slow down when riding between cars or buses. Use both hands when riding, never use one hand.

Start off slowly until you get used to the break and accelerator.

To use the phone for directions or answering calls you should slow down first and then stop somewhere safe.


2. Adhere To The Rules of The Road


Follow all traffic rules including street signs and stop signs.

In Ireland traffic is always on the left hand side.

If you need to switch lanes don't use your hand for signalling, slow down and cautiously look behind until safe to do so.


3. Ride on The Cycling Lanesafety

Always use the cycling lane or stay close to the curb.

Do not ride on the footpaths unless local law requires or permits. 

If you need to get through a pedestrian area, stop and walk next to your eScooter until safe to ride again.


4. Wear The Helmet


Stay always safe when riding the eScooter!

WiFicandy team will provide you with free of charge helmet and reflective vest upon collection.

The helmets have LED lights at the back which can be turned on for better visibility when in traffic.

Also all WiFicandy eScooters come with reflective stickers so it improves your safety on the road.


5. How To Ride


 If you rode a bike before then it is as simple as that!

  1. First thing, make sure to have your helmet and the reflective vest on.
  2. Press the start button and select the speed mode desired by pressing the power on button twice. The speed modes are: ECO: 15 km / hr, Standard: 20 km / hr and Sport 25 km / hr.
  3. Place your right foot on the eScooter and with the left leg give a strong push until you see number 5 on the screen. 
  4. Once you reach 5 km/hr you can slowly press the accelerator to speed up. Keep your both feet on footboard while riding.
  5. With the left hand squeeze the break handle to slow down or stop.


6. Who Can Ride


You must be 21 years old.

You are not allowed to ride if you’ve been drinking alcohol or have used other intoxicating substances, including prescription or over the counter medication, which may cause drowsiness.

Maximum carrying load on the scooter is 100 kgs / 220.46 pounds. 

Only the person who rented the eScooter is allowed to ride it. Do not allow other people to ride on the eScooter.