How to make the most of your travel experience with WiFicandy

If you are thinking of renting a WiFicandy soon or you've already purchased your wifi rental plan, below we have put together few tips which will help you to maximise your travel experience while in Ireland:

1. Maximise WiFicandy battery usage

battery usage
- please make sure to fully charge the device overnight for a full 12 hours usage the next day


2. Deliveries & Collections


- If you selected a delivery to your hotel or car rental please provide the name under which the booking was done with booking reference if applicable.

- If you selected the delivery to be done to an AirBnB, you need to inform the AirBnB host and make sure that yourself or the host will be able to collect the parcel upon delivery.

- If you are going to collect the WiFicandy from either our Airpot Collection Point or Dublin City Centre, you need to mention your full name and order number upon collection.


3. Returning the WiFicandy

- to return the device please use the return envelop and drop it to a post office (most preferably as it will minimise delays, you can find the nearest post office here ) 
- post box (there is one in T1 Dublin Airport at the Arrivals, you can find more details here and also at Shannon Airport - here).
- you could also ask the reception desk from the hotel to post it back for you, however it is your responsability to follow up with them to make sure it has been delivered!

*We allocate 1-3 days for returns to arrive, any delays are subject to extra fees. To learn more about this, please check our Return & Refund Policy.


4. Troubleshooting

- if you experience any troubleshooting please check our User Manual on the website or reach us via Facebook Messenger (it is faster to respond).


5. International Calls

- for international outgoing and incoming phone calls you can now use AvoApp, our latest partner. Using our WiFicandy connection you can now receive and make international calls with your number through the application AvoApp at a fraction of the cost!

To learn more about this please click here 


6. Share your travel experience


- we love to see our customers sharing their experiences while in Ireland!! Use our hashtag #wificandyie or tag us on Instagram or mention us on Facebook @wificandyireland. We will make sure to feature you on our platforms!

wifi candy_nomads

- also join our WiFicandy Nomands group to interact and share your experience with other travel enthusiasts who visited Ireland and used our product! Sharing is caring!


Enjoy your holidays!