EduSeed Ireland impacting positive change through educative projects

EduSeed is a platform for enabling and empowering less privileged youth through crowdfunding educative projects.

The initiative is run by an ambitious emigrant team who are passionate and dedicated to making positive impact through social innovation, inclusive education and creative projects with a focus on emerging technologies.

The aim is to equip the young talent with knowledge about the new technologies and to future proof them for the jobs of tomorrow. Most of the programs delivered will focus on industries including vertical air mobility, smart cities, space and connectivity.

Also through their Special Projects, their mission is to support students with financial difficulties from disadvantaged backgrounds to successfully complete their 3rd level STEM education. Thus empowering them to achieve their dreams.


Although WiFicandy is a small startup, we truly believe in the power of technology and the positive impact it has in our modern lifestyle.

Through the use of technology and the inclusive education of minorities or less privileged youth we can surely contribute to a more fairer and brighter future.

All contributions done by our customers will be transferred to the Eduseed team on monthly basis.

To learn more about what they do, please click here.